Goldkammer exclusive - the place for exclusive events and lecture series

The Degussa Museum Goldkammer is available as part of its “Goldkammer exclusive” program as a unique and first-class event and experience location for private or business events. From birthday parties, weddings, and other family celebrations to classic corporate events, product presentations, incentives, or in-house exhibitions, our house is available to numerous guests.

Day events

The Goldkammer can be rented exclusively for events all day for private parties.

Evening events and exclusive openings

Even after the end of the general opening hours, the Museum Goldkammer can be occupied by groups of up to 60 people. Also, individual guided tours for individuals or groups are possible at any time.

Prices and Information

All information and prices can be found as PDF in the general price overview. Price overview.

Room scenarios

Individual rooms, such as the foyer or the heart of the Rothschild Collection, the Rothschild Room with an interactive multimedia wall can be booked for individual presentations.


Besides, the cafe and restaurant “Aureus at Goldmuseum“, located in the same building and operated by Christian Senff, can be booked as an additional event space. The Aureus is also available as the Gold Chamber’s primary catering partner. Of course, we will also take into account any differing customer wishes regarding catering.