What are the opening hours of the Goldkammer Frankfurt?
The opening hours of the Goldkammer Frankfurt are from Tuesday to Sunday 11 am to 5 pm. The building is closed on Mondays. School classes and other groups can visit the Goldkammer on weekdays from 9 to 11 am.

The Goldkammer can also be booked individually and exclusively for events and functions in the evening, normal opening days and rest days.

Is it necessary to book by telephone in advance to visit the Goldkammer Frankfurt?
It is not necessary to book by telephone in advance. Due to restrictions (availability of management personnel, pandemic conditions, fire protection) groups should make a binding reservation by telephone in advance.

What is Águila (Aguila)?
Águila is the mascot of the Goldkammer Museum. You can also find different versions of Águila in the museum shop. The term Águila is derived from traditional amulets of birds of prey (eagles) in Central America. The Águila exhibited in the Gold Chamber became a victim of the waves on the galleon El Rubi in 1733, when it sank with its ship on its way to Europe.

Is the Media Guide App suitable for children and adults?
The digital museum guide in the form of the Media Guide App has two different audio tracks. One for adults and a separate one for children. At special markers, the young visitors can experience exciting fairy tales at numerous stations, while experiencing our animated and digital mascot Águila (Aguila) in an Augment Reality (AR) environment.

Are guided tours in groups permitted again during the pandemic?
In Hessen, tours in public spaces are permitted in a group of no more than ten people or with members of one’s household and another household. When meeting other people, a minimum distance of 1.5 meters must be maintained. These restrictions are still necessary to further slow down the spread of infection. Where a large number of people meet, those responsible must take more extensive protective measures and ensure and monitor compliance with them. The Gold Chamber provides for the wearing of mouth and nose protection and also recommends the wearing of gloves. Disinfectant is also available.

What is Gold Chamber exclusive?
“Goldkammer exklusiv” stands for events, lectures and the Goldkammer as a rentable location for events for various occasions of companies or private persons.

The venue is complemented by presentation possibilities in the room “Sammlung Rothschild“, the multimedia room of the Goldkammer, which at the same time offers a comprehensive insight into the different forms and weight units of gold bars and coins in its display cases.

Is it possible to visit the museum with a baby carriage or wheelchair?
The Frankfurt Gold Chamber offers barrier-free access and stays in the entire museum area.

The entrance can be reached via a ramp, mechanically sunk into the floor. Here, as well as in the entire museum area, competent and friendly staff are always available to help you operate the technical aids properly.

In the museum building, the actual Gold Chamber can be reached via direct elevator access. After a virtual ride through the shaft of a gold mine into the depths of a mine adit, you reach the multimedia starting point of the tour. From there, you can follow the gold vein on the ground or, if necessary, browse through sound and text in the Museums Guide App.

After visiting the Rothschild Collection, the museum store forms the epilogue, which, like all the exhibits, can be visited barrier-free.

The foyer on the first floor and the sanitary facilities, as well as the restaurant-café-day-bar ensemble “Aureus” on the first and second floor, are accessible by elevator and invite visitors to enjoy a culinary finale to their visit.

How much does the regular admission price for children and young people cost?
Admission is free for children and young people under 18 years of age.

How much does the regular admission price for adults cost?
The regular entrance fee for adults is 10 EUR.

Is there a reduced admission rate for senior citizens, trainees and university students?
The reduced admission rate for senior citizens, trainees and university students is 5 euros.

Is there a reduced admission rate for welfare recipients?
The reduced admission rate for welfare recipients is 1 euro (proper ID required).

What is Aureus?
The Aureus is the restaurant and café, which is available for events of “Goldkammer exklusiv” as a partner for high-quality catering and invites you to linger before or after your visit to the museum.