“My Gold Suitcase” is a collaborative Project.

Museum Goldkammer and the prestigious European School RheinMain in Bad Vilbel teamed-up for this challenge.

Two ninth-grade classes from the school’s German and English sections are taking part in creative workshops to develop a mobile Goldkammer exhibition. In search of ideas for the suitcase’s education modules, they are drawing inspiration from a variety of fields, including art, jewelry-making, architecture, and business.

Developed by young people for young people, the suitcase and its contents are intended to generate excitement for the topic of gold and get young people interested in a visit to the Goldkammer. A brochure enclosed in the suitcase contains many interesting facts and will encourage young people to take a journey of discovery through the fascinating world of gold.

“My Gold Suitcase” is designed to support classroom lessons, project weeks, and work groups with topics from a variety of school subjects.